2007/04 HEAR THE SOUND REMIXED album (Afro Gigolo Recs) BUY IT!
2007/04 HEAR THE SOUND REMIXED Louie Vega & Afro Gigolo (Afro Gigolo Recs) BUY IT!
2007/02 LIVE & UNPLUGGED IN JAPAN album (iTunes only)
2006/11 U Missing / CMYK: Smolik & Victor Davies (Kayax)
2006/06 HEAR THE SOUND album (UK / V2 Nurture & Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!
2006/04 VICTOR DAVIES album - Reissue (Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!
2006/03 HEAR THE SOUND album (Japan / Pony Canyon)
2005/06 Lead Not Follow: Hundred Strong & Victor Davies (Altered Vibes)
2005/01 Fire/I Love You So (Europe / SPV Audiopharm)
2004/10 All Over the World: Yukihiro Fukutomi & Victor Davies (Japan / File Recs.)
2004/09 HOXTON POPSTARS album (Europe / SPV Audiopharm)

2004/01 Fly Away (Japan / Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!

2003/10 Fire (Japan / Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!
2003/08 HOXTON POPSTARS album (Japan / Columbia Recs. & Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!
2003/03 This is Your Life: Dimitri from Paris & Victor Davies (Japan / JVC Victor)
2002/11 Fade Away: Westpark Unit & Victor Davies (Draft Recordings)
2002/10 Runaway Train Wahoo Remix / Lady Luck Misa Negra Remix (JCR)
2002/10 Deep in Your Mind: Kyoto Jazz Massive & Victor Davies  (Compost)
2002/03 Sound of the Samba Masters @ Work Remix (JCR)
2001/11 VICTOR DAVIES album (JCR)
2001/10 Sound of the Samba (JCR)
2001/05 VICTOR DAVIES album (Japan / Wood Recs.)
2001/03 Sound of the Samba (Japan / Afro Gigolo Recs.)
2000/10 Tumbling: Landslide & Victor Davies (Hospital Recs.)
2000/07 Better Place (Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!
1999/12 Lady Luck/Runaway Train (Afro Gigolo Recs.) BUY IT!
1999/03 Brother (Flipside Recs.)
1998 Runaway Train (People Recs.)

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